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XXX Congreso - IULTCS


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Presentación especial

The Development of Leather Industry Requires Support of Scientists and Technologists
Zhang Shuhua President China Leather Industry Association.

The Begining and Development of Modern Leather Education in China
An article in memory of Prof. Zhang Quan, the founder of modern leather education in China.

The Collagen Microfibril Model as a Tool for Leather Scientists
Eleanor M. Brown

Presentación Oral



2-1 Fundamental Research
2-2 Cleaner & Novel Technologies
2-3 Testing Technology & Quality Standards
2-4 Leather Chemicals &others
2-5 Environment Protection & Reuse of Wastes
2-6 Design of Leather Goods
2-7 othes
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Beijing 2009 | XXX Congreso IULTCS

Presentaciones Orales
1-1 Application of the Hypothesis Analysis Method Using Cohen's Kappa Index to Measure the Agreem
1-2 Fungal Growth on Wetblue Methods to Measure Impact on Leather Quality
1-3 Study on the Chromium (VI) Formation in Leather after Ageing
1-4 Seasonal Variations of yeso sika Deer Skin and its Vegetable Tanned Leather
1-5 A Thermogravimetric Study on Tannery Sewage Sludges
1-6 Dyeing Technology to a Small Lot and a Wide Variety Kinds Order
1-7 Nanosilver Application for Collagen Based Materials Treatment
1-8 Study on the Adsorption Kinetics of Water Vapor on Collagen Fibers
1-9 A Permanent and Environmental Stable Marking System for Leather Traceability via Encapsulated
1-10 Recent Developments in Cleaner Production and Environment Protection in World Leather Sector
1-11 Masking Effect and Precipitation of Different Vegetable Tanning Agents with Metalic Salts
1-12 Biologically Degradable Leather A Selective Combination Tanning System
1-13 Submerged membrane bioreactor and reverse osmosis technology for tannery effluent treatment
1-14 A Polymer Based Preservation A New Horizon in Leather Making
1-15 Applications of Biotechnology in Leather
1-16 A Novel Nano-SiO2 Tannage for Making Chrome Free Leather
1-17 Using Nano Pigment for Coloration of Leather
1-18 Recycling of Wastewater from Raw Hide to Wet Blues in Leather Manufacture
1-19 A Rationalized Leather Process for Wet end
1-20 Soaking Balancing Operational and Quality Issues Using both Fresh and Brine Cured Hides
1-21 Characterization and Properties of Polymer Diallyldimethylammonium Chloride Montmorillonite
1-22 The Smell of Leather
1-23 Reach and the Challenge to the Leather Industry
1-24 Determination of the VOCs by Headspace Methods in Leather Production Process
1-25 Leather Dyes Properties and Analysis
1-26 Zero Formaldehyde Syntan
1-27 Preparation of Novel Aminated Collagen Peptide and Evaluation of Its Formaldehyde Removal to
1-28 Structure-Activity-Relationships of Synthetic Organic Tanning Agents
1-29 Siloxane chemistry boost performances to eco-friendly leather finishing
1-30 Cost Strategy versus Quality a Brazilian Tannery Case
1-31 The ND Chrome Tanning Technology
1-32 The Methanogenic Treatment of Tannery Wastewater
1-33 Pilot-Scale Composting And Biodegradability Of Bovine Hair
1-34 Preparation of Polyimide Membrane and Its Application in Treatment of Exhausted Unhairing Li
1-35 Polypropylene Collagen Hydrolysate Thermoplastics Blends
1-36 Preparation of untanned pig skin waste loaded metal ions adsorbents and their adsorption beh
1-37 Submerged Membrane Bioreactor and Reverse Osmosis Technology for Tannery Effluent Recycling
1-38 Taylor-Made Biomaterials from Collagenic Wastes Feasible Link between Tanning Industry and T
1-39 Study of the Effect of Various Factors on the Nitrosification to Tannery Wastewater
1-40 Effect of Care Products on Leather Properties
1-41 Development of a Formalized Toolset for Footwear Product
1-42 The problems of universal and convertible shoe size system
1-43 From ‘Fashion Forecasting’ to ‘Value Engineering’ for Leather & Leather Products
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